An Update on J. Landa: Quarantine to The Big Move

As soon as the city announced the closing of non-essential businesses, we unexpectedly packed up the Rice Village store in two days and started operating as a fully digital platform out of our homes. As a primarily brick-and-mortar brand, it was now all about the website.

We've been doing our best to keep online inventory robust and offering local delivery, view to buy, anything to make it easy on you! To all of our clients, thank you for continuing to shop online with us! And thank you for your patience as we figured this all out.

We can't wait to get into our new space (soon, we promise!) and start styling you in person once again. Until then, here's a peek at what Jay has been up to during these strange times. 

What have you been up to since the lockdown?

I'm not one to be home for too long – this was definitely one of the challenges I faced at the beginning of the shutdown. My husband (Daniel) was great in creating an office space for me and himself. We would now be operating two businesses from home.  We tried not to watch too much television or the news and instead reconnect with our neighbors. But I did finally binge Schitt's Creek – Moira is my muse! There has been lots of cocktails on the front lawn for sure (lol!). Moe LOVED being home with his daddies ;-)   

What has your creative process been like since lockdown? Has it been hard to get inspired and create new designs? 

My home, in fact, was a great source of inspiration. I wanted to focus my energy on creating a collection or a small capsule with my clients in mind – what could I design that would be a light in the midst of such darkness. Before lockdown, I was stressing the #neckmess and creating a look of meaningful jewelry – mixing the old with the new.  I created charms that consisted of hearts (we all needed some extra love) and arrows (pointing to a direction of positivity).  Whether you were home with your family or on zoom calls with co-workers, this was a perfect time to dress-up and armor yourself in meaningful pieces.  

I looked at some of our best-selling pieces and collections and decided to give them new life. The Eva Necklace (a popular piece I created a year ago) was designed in a gunmetal paper clip style chain for a darker, edgier look. Plus, I designed the mini Eva in a smaller size. All to help create a #neckmess that was personal and very easy to wear amidst quarantine.

What we all needed during these dark times was some color! I created an extension to our Summer Luxe Collection (introduced last year), appropriately named Spring Luxe. I brought some gorgeous new turquoise, sapphires and corals to the mix. Adding color to your jewelry and #neckmess I felt would bring a bit of joy to your everyday (and look good with your sweats or pjs). We've made it through Spring and I'm now getting inspired as how to reinvent the Summer Luxe collection once again! 

Happy hour during the past couple of months has been essential. What have you been drinking during quarantine?

Funny thing, Daniel surprised me with a bench he built for our front yard.  At first I was not keen on the idea, but the weather helped and we have enjoyed the bench and outdoor cocktailing with neighbors a little too much :-)  I love a nice crisp Sancerre and Daniel has perfected a great daiquiri that we have mutually enjoyed.  


What is the vision of the new store? What will be different as you make the move from Rice Village to River Oaks?

We're so excited about our River Oaks store. The location is ideal and was truthfully the selling point to our move. We felt it was time to leave Rice Village after 20+ years and, in a way, be more visible on Westheimer. I'm working with Moxie, the same talented design team that designed my Rice Village – they're fabulous. My vision this time was a much cleaner space, having the jewelry be the "star of the show." We're loving the clean and white aesthetic and know that the space will be ideal for upcoming events or just to lounge and enjoy shopping. Of course, we've added a bar and coffee station so clients could feel at home and make the in-store experience fun and familiar. Parking will be much easier and accessibility to the center is a piece of cake. 


Opening date?

As of now, we are hoping for a soft opening around June 18th. Fingers crossed!!!  


J. Landa

What a fun article to read! Wishing you all the success you so deserve!🥰

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