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2020 Has Been a Wild Ride, But We're Thankful For...

We're one month closer to the end of 2020! The last 6 months have felt like eternity, and the whole world is counting down the end of this year. As we start a new month, we're trying to move forward with good energy & positive thoughts. With such darkness shadowing the world, it can be hard to find glimmers of light to be thankful for, but let me go first! Just in the nick of time, I got married this year! 

I had been planning my wedding with long-term partner/architect Daniel Turner for about a year. Everything was planned for a destination wedding in San Miguel de Allende on March 7 at a wonderful boutique hotel called Hotel Amparo.  

There was talk of the virus hitting the US at this point, but nothing seemed too serious, so we moved forward with the wedding. Guests traveled with sanitizing wipes and masks for the airplane, and all seemed to be okay.

We got to celebrate with some of our closest friends in a beautiful city, and then a week later ... the world shut down. 

The weekend was magical, and we're so grateful it was able to happen as planned, a statement so many other couples aren't able to say this year. 

As soon as we got back to Houston, the city went into lockdown and I packed up my Rice Village store and started operating as a fully digital brand. To all the customers (old & new) that continued to shop online during our 3 month hiatus, thank you. You have helped our online business grow exponentially, something we've been working on for years. 2020 has been a year of growth for, so I'm adding that to my reasons to be grateful this year!!

And finally, I'm so grateful to be in a beautiful new store in River Oaks, designed by Moxie Interiors. Opening a new store during a pandemic wasn't ideal, to say the least, but the new space is filled with so much natural light and calming energy, it's hard not to be thankful working in this chic new space.

In spite of all the bad, we'd love for you to share with us some of the good. We'd love to hear from you.  

Wedding photos by Marcus Jolly

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