Rodeo Ready, J. Landa Style

It's almost Rodeo Houston time, y'all! Whether you consider yourself a rodeo girl or not, if you live in the city, you will likely make your way to NRG Park at least once during the month-long Houston holiday. Whether for the wine garden, the carnival, a concert or a corn dog, there's something that calls you to the rodeo grounds. And we want you to be rodeo ready, J. Landa style, of course.    

Our goal here at J. Landa is to change the concept of Western wear. Rodeo fashion can be much more than blue jean denim + cowboy boots. Let's step out of this novelty cowgirl look (unless you are an actual cowgirl, of course) and bring in a touch of luxe. Rodeo Houston is a great platform to elevate Texan fashion in a chic way. 

Photo by Becca Wright

If Western wear just isn't your thing, a little splash of turquoise and diamonds is a less obvious way to do rodeo. We love a look of luxe! Think layered Murphy Chains, champagne diamonds and turquoise bangles & cuffs

If you're up for getting a little more #drag, one of our favorite looks in the store is our curated American Indian collection. We're drawn to the artistry and history of the handmade, turquoise and sterling silver jewelry. There's not a better time to add a piece to your personal collection. We genuinely think they are important pieces to have and to buy. They never go out of style, and they are true works of art. 

Photo by Becca Wright

Look at Ralph Lauren, for example, who took the ranch look to the runway, featuring squash blossom necklaces and other Navajo jewelry during his fashion shows. He gets it. Pair a Western embroidered top with a sequined skirt or vibrant strappy heel. A bolo tie with a fitted jacket or blazer. A fringed top with a motorcycle jacket.

Photos by: Yannis Vlamos

Pair your Western wear with a piece that exudes a different aesthetic (think boho or rock 'n' roll) for an irreverent, modern approach to rodeo fashion. We don't ever want you to hold back, and especially not during rodeo!

Photo by Becca Wright

If you have been holding back with your jewelry, rodeo season is your chance to wear as much or as big as you want. It's your chance to make the uncomfortable seem very comfortable. Go big or go home.  

Take a look at our Rodeo Ready collection for a little inspiration. 

Listen to Jay talk more about rodeo fashion with Houston Chronicle fashion editor Joy Sewing on her radio show, The Joyful Life (102.5FM), on Saturday March 3 at noon!

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