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How to: Hoops

The short answer: wear 'em however you want! Big or small. Gold or silver. Thin or chunky. With crystals or without. We love hoop earrings in all their shapes and forms.

The New York Times' style section recently published an article on hoop earrings, touching on the earring's origin as a "beautiful ethnic symbol." At J. Landa, we think whoever you are, you can (and should) rock a hoop earring.

According to the NYT article, Tracy Reese, one of Michelle Obama’s favorite designers, thinks "wearing hoop earrings has always been about personality" – a bigger hoop for when you're feeling sassy, a smaller hoop for a more conservative look. It's all about how you want to feel that day, and every day is different!

If you're already a hoop girl, you get it. There's something seriously empowering about putting on a 2"-3" hoop in the morning and thinking, "Why the hell not?!" If you've never worn hoops (or haven't worn them in awhile), here's your challenge: wear a pair of hoops that are a bit outside of your comfort zone – wear them to work, wear them to lunch, to dinner and to date night. We bet they'll feel like a part of your skin at the end of the day. It doesn't take long for hoops to become a sassy stable in your wardrobe, and a little bit of sass never hurt anybody!

Come grab your first (or third or fourth) pair of hoops at J. Landa. We have great variety, and prices start at only $28. Ready for a bigger investment? We have fabulous 2.5" inside out diamond hoops in an edgy oxidized silver.

Style Tip: Have double piercings? We love rocking different sized hoops in multiple piercings. Don't be afraid to mix shapes, sizes and even metals. There are no rules!

Here's some hoop inspiration to get you feelin' flirty.

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