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"Say yes and you'll figure it out afterward." - Tina Fey

Although I tip my hat to Tina, I have to say her wise words are easier said than done! Even with the distinct advantage of already having such a great in-store following it took her words and a few pushes along with one heck of a team to get to this place. We are, over 16 years in the making, ready to expand our brick and mortar location in Houston’s Rice Village to an omni-channel retail model all-inclusive of a fresh, relevant, inspiring digital brand.

“Build the brand and they will come.” I would like to believe it’s that easy, but luckily I have my bestie, seasoned in marketing, telling me that’s not the case. Let me tell you, is very possibly the best part of the internet. It has allowed me to refine my voice.

All jokes aside, I did say “yes” to the opportunity of expanding my brand with the hope of inspiring a broader reach of equally inspiring women and men. We hope each of you find a new way to be a part of the J. Landa community/team/family/tribe. We are confident that through this fresh lens lies our ability to stir excitement in you.

We will share ways to have fun with jewelry, making each piece your own, suggest styling tips and instill a confidence in you that will last a lifetime. We’ll also talk about food, travel, family, spirituality – hot topics that we’re definitely qualified to write about… plus we Google and consume media and pop culture around here like there’s no tomorrow . Who knows what the next conversation will be! 

To speak on the product a bit and not to toot my own horn, but the design approach is elevated and I have kept you all in mind when creating not just pieces, but investments. My biggest desire as a designer is to have you connect with the pieces and hopefully learn more about my design process and myself along this journey. 

Welcome to the ever-evolving culture and lifestyle of J. Landa – we hope you enjoy!

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