We think of our #nevertakeoff pieces as our core. They never come off our body... and just as easily add a little something sexy to a second-skin dress as they remind you of just how sexy you are (or can be) while sweating off the cals from a mimosa-heavy morning.  

They're your closest confidants. It's the 14k gold key necklace that's been on every bad date, every good date and every is-this-a-date-is-this-not-a-date in between. It's the 14k gold diamond bar ring with just enough glitz to allow for an uninterrupted gym session. We're not judging. It's the 14k gold bar studs that subtly draw the line between you (the bad B) and everyone else (basic Bs)... or the 14k gold lariat that subtly announces your bad B status.

They've been everywhere with you and often mean the most. These are your lifetime pieces. You simply don't EVER take them off! They represent you and what you're made of - Elegant... Sexy... and Chic.

With a lifetime full of experience comes a number of #nevertakeoff pieces. So, don't be afraid to layer every piece that means something to you, or wear that one piece that speaks to the woman you are -#dragitout and tell your story!

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