Our Latest Global Designer: Christina Malle Greek Evil Eye Bags

Jay has worked to curate and create a global aesthetic in his jewelry boutique with collections from all over the world, and we're so excited to welcome our latest global designer Christina Malle, a Greek brand of clutches and bags emblazoned with the evil eye, one of our favorite spiritual symbols.

evil eye clutches

Made in Thessaloniki, Christina Malle’s handbags feature geometric designs, channeling a fresh postmodernism aesthetic. The collection’s “protagonist,” as Malle describes it, is the Greek evil eye symbol. Donning a Christina Malle bag around town will protect you from matiasma – someone casting the evil eye in your direction. It’s the perfect bag insert, vacation clutch or jewelry travel bag, and the collection fits perfectly into our brand, which harnesses a passion for culture and travel.

evil eye belt bag from Greece

Malle’s bags are made of durable, long-lasting alternatives to animal products – canvas, synthetic leather and Alcantara (a patented suede-like material). The collection is fun and easygoing, and the price points are approachable ($40-$125). There is no other store in the USA that carries her 2019 Spring Summer collection! We can't wait for you to see her designs! 

Greek evil eye clutches

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