Jay Beyond Jewelry: The Season for Travel

The man behind the brand – Jay Landa – is far more than jewelry. He's a stylist. He's a world traveler. He's passionate about equality and human rights. He's a lover of animals (especially his Frenchie Moe). He loves a good vodka martini. And that only scratches the surface.

Introducing our newest blog series, Jay Beyond Jewelry, where we ask Jay a few curious and quirky questions to better understand the man that drags you out in jewels. 

Q: Everyone's style switches with the seasons. So, what's your favorite piece of clothing and jewelry in your summer wardrobe?

A: Nothing says summer like colorful beads and layers of light necklaces. We show more skin during the hot summer months, so you’re more of a canvas to show off your personality. I immediately add some turquoise and my favorite mammoth ivory beads to my wrist story! Summer wardrobe musts consist of comfortable cutoff shorts and the perfect white tee. 

Summer jean shorts and colorful jewelry

Q: What is the most interesting place you've traveled?

A. Hard to say, but India comes to mind. I felt so far away from home. I was swept away by the smells, colors, and people! Truly magical.

Jay Landa goes to India

Q. What is something you've never done and have always wanted to?

A. I would love to know how to sail and take a week off with friends on a sailboat. 

Q. What fictional place would you like to go to?

A. Hmmm, I had to think about this one. The Gatsby Mansion - the grandeur of the architecture and the time period. Who doesn't love a good decadent party! Or Pandora from Avatar – the lushness and harmony of the island seems intoxicating!

Q. What's your favorite song for the summer?

A. “Holiday” by Madonna.


J. Landa

Thank you for sharing ❤️

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