Harvey, You Made Us That Much Stronger

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. And it hit our city good. But Houston isn’t a city to let a man keep her down; we rise on the occasion. It’s been amazing to watch Houstonians band together and begin rebuilding this beautifully diverse city in hopes to get back to our daily lives. And we know for a fact, our beautiful city will be back stronger and prettier than ever. We can hardly wait. 

At J. Landa, we got lucky considering the disastrous effects Harvey had on our community. Harvey didn't discriminate ... He hit us hard. We had about five inches of water to be exact, and we know that so many lost even more. To that, we are grateful. Our newly designed store will rebuild and look even better than before. 

It was amazing how neighbors in Rice Village banded together, like our favorite haunt Coppa Osteria. They were collecting donations for the George R. Brown Convention Center, so we gathered sheets and bedding, clothes, shoes and toiletries to donate.  And some even gathered towels, dog food, toys, etc., for the pups rescued during the storm. And I know friends and clients were anxiously helping to move furniture and box-up houses that were devastated by Harvey. There is still so much left to do, and we'll continue to help as the city continues to rebuild.  That's how Houston rolls with the punches.  

Once we could get into the store and assess the damage, the work began immediately. The beautiful wood floors that we had installed during our last renovation had to be torn out and a section of the drywall had to be removed.  But, considering the devastation to the other stores in The Village, like Emerson Sloan, Raspberry Rose and Fleet Feet, we were so lucky.

The store has been closed since the storm hit and has remained closed to install the new floors, which are just as fabulous and even stronger than the last. We're ready now, and if you don't mind the slight commotion, please come SHOP!  We miss you and hope our J. Landa family is safe and dry. Let's be a refuge from life's stresses and joys – because that's what we're all about. 

So whatever HURRICANE HARVEY ... you can't stop us!

We are back – with a fridge full of bubbly – and we are stronger and prettier than before. Come hang out with us, we have truly missed you #badBs!


the J. Landa family

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