The Adventure To Tulum Begins - Come Along!

As many of you know, I have spent the last several years evolving the store and the J.Landa collection--falling in love with DT, raising Moe and allowing a deeper journey transpire. One of the discoveries made in this latest chapter, was the distinct realization that travel is at the root of what inspires me creatively.  So, as we kick off 2015, I have committed to a series of adventures --- of both self discovery and creativity.

 The first excursion begins February 21 in Tulum Mexico--have you ever been?  Don't let me miss out on a thing!!!!  Share your favorite restaurant tip, daytime excursion, handmade cocktail or yoga class. 

  I will be blogging, posting, and documenting ---so join me as I take a yoga class on the beach at sunrise, eat my way through this incredible village, and visit with locals to get inspiration for my Summer Collection.  Remember, it's almost "bikini-jewelry" time! 

Jay Landa

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