Finding Inspiration in Tulum

Sometimes we find ourselves in a place where words don't flow so easily or descriptions don't do an experience justice.  Those that know me realize it's not common bc I am a talker, but Tulum left me mystified. From experiencing the amazing early sunrise atop the vista at the crest of Nohoch Mul Pyramid - to the reverse of holy shit how do I get down and the guttural laugh of one butt bump at a time to the ethereal experience of floating through the top layer of a cenote! The trip had emotions on all levels.  I've found it more difficult to write about than I expected because the words reveal an honesty I'm not used to sharing freely....
One of the main reasons we visited Tulum was the "call" of spiritually.  My fabulous dragged-out girlfriend from NYC has been blabbing about the healers forever and the amazing food scene. She threatened mysticism, chanting, yoga, and even dancing naked under the full moon. Well, I listened and we did it all! ... And once the mind opened - some crazy good flowed to begin my latest collection rightfully named TULUM.  It was hard to resist the beauty of the water and culture.  I wanted my collection to represent all that healed me from the trip.  Eco lodging, the temezcal, incredible massages and the cuisine would affect my design aesthetic for Tulum.  
You'll see the luminous and beautiful hues of blue in the turquoise and lapiz stones that are ambitiously represented in every piece I designed.   My vision is that my clients would wear the collection and be transported to their favorite beach or Summer destination.  
Layer-away and Drag-it-out with one or several of the Tulum Collection pieces...And feel the breeze of the ocean and the sounds of the jungle that helped inspired it.



Jay Landa

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