Welcome Designer Chan Luu to Houston for Mother's Day Pop-up | May 11th - 13th

Save the Date to meet Designer Chan Luu as she comes to Houston for a Mother's Day trunk show!

Join us Thursday, May 11th through Saturday, May 13th for a Chan Luu trunk show at J. Landa! You won't want to miss this event, as Chan Luu herself will be here showing curated looks specifically designed for Houston clients and one of a kind collectables from her private vault. 

You might know Chan Luu as an incredible designer, but she's also an incredible humanitarian. She has been lauded by groups including the United Nations for her work championing ethical fashion practices and for bringing work opportunities to developing countries.

"She sought international manufacturers that were willing to follow United Nations labor standards for equitable wages, and gave enough business to incentivize them to honor her company’s commitment to being an ethical fashion line that supports good working conditions and a fair supply chain. “It’s how you build loyalty and trust,” she says. “I pick the people I want to do business with, and I give them enough business so that they stand on their heads for me. They can’t fail me.” Luu’s overseas partners help her manufacture handicrafts in India, jewelry in Vietnam, and cashmere in Mongolia. The company reports that its overseas production efforts provide jobs for several hundred women." Source

It's no surprise that Chan Luu is one of our most popular designers: her designs range from elegant to everyday and attract attention from all ages and all aesthetics, as well as emphasizing fair and ethical work practices. She is truly making this world a more beautiful place!

You can look forward to seeing all new pieces from her collection, including chokers, skinny scarves, a pearl collection, and more! 

Hilary Schuhmacher

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